Providing a Broad Range of In-Depth and Hands-On IR-Related Services

We believe clear and consistent communication equals improved valuation and liquidity

Bibicoff + MacInnis, Inc. has been providing Investor Relations counsel and strategic planning, primarily to small cap. companies, since 1980. Our simple and unique business model distinguishes us from typical IR agencies. We have deep, long-standing relationships in the marketplace and that audience (investors/portfolio managers/analysts/bankers) appreciates that we only represent a public company whose stock the principals of our firm would personally like to own, and do own, as a long-term investors.

Proud to be viewed as a significant and trusted resource

Typically each client company is one in which we become a stockholder by purchasing stock in the open market and/or in private financings (in addition to having an equity component to our compensation). Having ‘skin in the game’ is a key differentiator and benefit as we introduce clients to potential investors, analysts and bankers. Our clients view us as a valued and trusted resource and we often work with them for many years (depending on their respective business development).

Representing a diverse range of businesses and business models

Our IR practice is industry agnostic, we have represented more than 150 companies from a diverse range of businesses and business models. Because sometimes less is more, we purposely limit our client roster to a small number of companies in order to function as a true member of the client’s team and provide each one with a broad range of in-depth and hands on IR-related services.

Consider Us Your Outsourced IRO

In addition to strategic planning, we’ll manage all your traditional IR needs, including drafting and disseminating news releases and previewing SEC filings. We produce a two-page “Fact Sheet” which outlines your business and highlights your investment opportunity. We work on the production and updates of your Corporate PowerPoint Presentation to tell the whole story. We identify and manage our clients' presentations at the appropriate Investor Conferences throughout the year. When appropriate, we help you identify the best possible sources of capital.

Attract the Right Investors