Let Us Be the First Point of Contact for All Shareholder Relations

At Bibicoff + MacInnis, we perform all of the traditional IR functions, including the drafting and dissemination of news releases and all other shareholder communications, and we preview SEC filings. We become the first point of contact for all shareholder relations, freeing your time to focus on running your company, while we focus on your business as a public company. 

We maintain intelligence on industry peers, and use a variety of tools to best service your company’s IR needs:


Our sophisticated database allows us to quickly and efficiently identify the holders of your peer companies and those investment professionals who follow your sector in addition to those following small cap, special situation and emerging growth situations. Our database includes hundreds of analysts who follow any given sector, plus those who focus on growth situations. We identify the institutions and analysts who own a client’s peer group. We filter our targeting in a number of ways including current holdings, geography, investment style, etc. 

Initially, we focus mainly on contacting those retail investors, institutions, analysts and money managers who own peer group’s securities. This is an already educated and interested audience.

Initial Contact

We will initially create and send a two-page “Fact Sheet” to our targeted audience in groups of less than 100 to allow us to implement proper follow up and obtain the necessary feedback to provide the information which will form the cornerstone of our program on a going-forward basis. This would then be followed by a PowerPoint Presentation or research report, when available.

We open up a dialog with our target audience, discern overall impressions of the industry in general and the client’s peers specifically to ensure we are focusing on the right milestones and best message points. We also seek suggestions and/or constructive criticisms. We introduce your company’s plans and objectives with the goal of initiating sufficient interest to motivate our targets to at least begin to actively follow or track your company and your progress.


We will set up select conference calls in addition to one-on-one or small in-house meetings around your travel schedule. Additional meetings or conferences will also be evaluated as we uncover sufficient interest from appropriate potential investors as the result of our outreach program. We aim to ensure your presence at the appropriate investor forums.


A key element to the success of our IR program continues to be our diligent and in-depth investment community contact and follow-up. Our business model of representing a small number of companies allows us to do this effectively. Our mission is to become an accurate, consistent and reliable source of information about your company to the investment community. 

Existing Shareholders

In the final analysis, stocks go up because there is more buying than selling. While finding and garnering new potential investors is important, it is equally important for us to make sure that existing shareholders are kept informed so as to keep them as long-term investors. We believe that we pay more attention to existing shareholders on an ongoing basis than most companies in our business.